Park Homes & Mobile Homes


  • Chassis and Floor

Steel Chassis is 275mmx65x20x3mm Lip Channel at 1600mm centres with 75mmx50mmx20mmx2mm Lip Channel at 600mm centres painted with primer and black top-coat with chassis lengths of up to 18m. An 18mm Plywood Timber Base is screwed to the steel chassis using self drilling self-tapping screws at 400mm centres.

  • Roof and Ceiling

The 5 degree pitched roof is constructed from a 50mm Polystyrene (EPS) core composite panel with Standard Chromadek on the ceiling side and an IBR Chromadek Roof.

Floor to ceiling height – 2400mm

  • Sidewalls

The walls consist of a 50mm 16DV Polystyrene Core with 0.6mm Chromadek on both sides,

  • Unit sizes – Single, Double-Wide and Multi-Slice Units.

Single Wide units are 3m Wide and manufactured in 6m, 9.6m, 12m, 15m and 18m Variants.

  • Uses
    • Residential Units
    • Accommodation Units
    • Classroom Units
    • Executive Class Office Units
  • Features and Benefits (Single or Multi-Slice)
  • Little or no site preparation.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Ability to relocate units to another site.
  • Complete turnkey projects.
  • Easily Transportable
  • E.G. Optional Extras (anything else required can also be supplied)
  • Fly-screens for windows and doors.
  • Air Conditioner units
  • Exterior skirting
  • Double wide units (2 x 3m width) configured into same lengths (per your specification)
  • Electrics
    Units are wired for 220 volt supply in accordance to SABS 0142:1987.
  • Plumbing
    Low theft SABS approved plastic piping is used for water supply and PVC for sewerage and waste water.
  • Windows
    Anodised Aluminium top-hung windows fitted with 4mm thick glass, burglar guards and blinds.
  • Doors
    Use of the original cut-out framed with individually formed Aluminium sections with rubber gasket and 3 lever locks minimise costs.
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